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Twisted by Wetzel’s leverages the strength of the core Wetzel’s Pretzels brand, now with a modern twist. At these streetside locations, guests will find the Wetzel’s menu items they know and love, alongside big, bold, twisty creations unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

Twisted by Wetzel's Brings Pretzels to the People

With the winning combination of a proven business model, an expanded menu and greater accessibility than ever before, Twisted by Wetzel’s is ideal for owners looking to grow with a simple and scalable concept.

Core Brand Strength

Appeals to passionate fanbase who already know and love Wetzel’s.

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Increased Snacking Drives Opportunity

Snacking has tripled in the last decade, highlighting the massive opportunity for a fresh snack concept to grow.

Innovative Menu for All Dayparts

Core, familiar menu with a twist drives craveability and repeat traffic, while keeping COGs low.


Convenient, Street locations

Street locations provide simple, scalable model, with convenience, accessibility and immense delivery sales potential.

It's Time to Get Twisted

Both consumer snacking and demand for Wetzel’s has reached an all-time high. Wetzel’s was born in the mall, but guests want their favorite sweet and savory bites more often, from even more convenient locations. So, leveraging the iconic brand, paired with an expanded menu and an engaging store experience, a new Wetzel’s wonderland was developed. Meet, Twisted by Wetzel’s.

Giving the Wetzel's Pretzels Legacy a Modern Twist

  • Twisted by Wetzel’s amplifies the traditional Wetzel’s experience fans know and love to create a fresh, on-trend experience with modern flavors and forms that consumers crave
  • It’s a new kind of Wetzel’s experience, expanding outside the tried-and-true mall footprint and providing even greater accessibility
  • Twisted by Wetzel’s has a whimsical, bold design that attracts both current fans and the next generation of consumers
  • With consumers snacking reaching new heights, the need for premium, on-the-go snack options is unprecedented
  • Still keeps true to Wetzels’ emphasis on simple operations relative to other QSR (no fryers, minimal produce/protein)
Cheese Pull
Mangonada and Creamsicle

Expanded Menu Drives Sales Across Dayparts

  • Whether guests are looking for a snack, a meal or a sweet treat, there’s a pretzel for everyone, any time of day — only available at Twisted by Wetzel’s
  • Offers a different occasion than the mall, allowing guests to get pretzels more often
  • Menu offers nostalgic, core items and innovative new flavor combinations to drive appetite appeal, while keeping operations simplistic and COGs low
  • Guests see the traditional, hot pretzels, now topped with drips and drizzles galore. Bitz now used as the foundation for inventive ingredient toppings. And pretzel dogs that are on another level — providing a more elevated, satisfying and picture-worthy eating experience atop a freshly baked pretzel bun
  • The multitude of mouth-watering options will keep guests coming back for more

Every Pretzel-Perfect Moment is Designed to be Shared

  • From the food, to the store design, every moment with the brand is meant to be shared
  • The bright, energetic store experience features built-in design touches, giving new, interesting elements to uncover with each visit
  • The open kitchen showcases the hand-crafted menu items, starting with the signature dough made fresh in-house throughout the day, while displaying drool-worthy topping creation stations
  • Included in each location is a social wall, giving guests a backdrop to share their ‘gram-worthy’ food
Siracha Soul Dog
Pizza Bomb Twist

Massive Whitespace.
Massive Opportunity.

  • Leveraging Wetzel’s snack category leadership and record-setting AUVs, Twisted by Wetzel’s brings this snacking paradise to the street, unlocking massive whitespace, ready to be developed
  • Defined Development Areas allow prospective franchisees to grow faster, with a simple business model that’s built to scale
  • Capitalizing on snacking tailwinds, Twisted by Wetzel’s appeals to a wide demographic, across dayparts. Prime real estate in Power Centers (strong shopping centers anchored with multiple “big box retailers”) or that is College/University adjacent drives both foot traffic and substantial online orders

Defined Development Areas are Selling Fast!

We’re reimagining the way people think about and eat pretzels, with exclusive defined areas identified for like-minded pretzel-preneurs. But this opportunity will knot last long.

Twisted Together

We’re giving our pretzel legacy a new, modern twist, seeking qualified Franchisees to bring Twisted by Wetzel’s to communities across America. To ensure our owners can be as successful as possible, we prefer prospective candidates have:


Net Worth


Liquid Assets

$400K - $800K

Investment Range

Grab Your Piece of the Pretzel.

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