Wetzel’s Pretzels Will Start Popping Up Everywhere

A Wetzel's Pretzel being photographed in front of a store

Article Source: The Daily Meal

Walk through any mall in America, and you will likely smell the wafting scent of a freshly-baked pretzel. The handheld snack is a convenient quick bite when you need something to munch on or share with friends, which is part of the reason why pretzel stands are so popular that, and they are just really tasty. Wetzel’s Pretzels has enjoyed steady growth, with a three-year improvement of 35% for same-store-sales growth, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. That growth in sales translates to more locations for Wetzel’s Pretzels. The pretzel chain has 50 restaurants in development for 2023, which includes its 400th location. The company has been strategic in this growth, not only sticking to traditional sites for its locations but also adding them in airports, Walmarts, Macy’s, and even food trucks.

Grab your piece of the pretzel.

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